I Was Raped

“I tried my best but I could do nothing in front of an animal hungry just to full fill his sexual desires and spoil my beauty ruthlessly. He couldn’t see my innocence and my honesty towards myself. His desires of un-manly being spoiled my whole life away.”

Our society believes RAPE as a social crime but hasn’t been able to accept it well. This particular part of the world has always blamed woman for not being strong. Well here our artist has shown us the courage to face the world against her weakness. With an evolution with what the world counts as being human, our artist believes that being Woman is what being Human comes from.

Representing Artist (Model):
Shabnam Dhaubanjar

Make-Up and Hair:
Mahima Joshi and Shweta Karmacharya

Saajan Shrestha

Photographed and Concept Representation:
Utshav Singh Adhikari

Mohit Rajbhandari

Subin Gautam (Your Inspiration)

Any Comments :)

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